2016 Public Price List $ US
Effective January 1, 2016

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                                     LOCAL DEALERS ARE FREE TO SET THEIR OWN PRICES.
                                     FACTORY LIST PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE EQUIPMENT
                                     PREPARATION, INSTALLATION, FREIGHT, AND TRAINING.
                                     CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR DETAILS.


The installation of a water softener is mandatory when the coffee machine is fed with water
whose hardness rate is higher than 3 grains per gallon (50 parts per million).


When the pressure of the water line is superior to 6 bar, it is necessary to install
a pressure reducer before the espresso machine.

This price list replaces the previous one, which is no longer valid.
All prices are subject to change without notice.

Machine Color Groups Version Code List Price $ (US)
VA388 Black Eagle Steelux 2gr Volumetric T3 MVA388AVT302000003 $24,000.00
Steelux 3gr Volumetric T3 MVA388AVT303000003 $27,000.00
Steelux 2gr Gravimetric T3 MVA388GST302000003 $26,500.00
Steelux 3gr Gravimetric T3 MVA388GST303000003 $29,500.00
Adonis Steelux 2gr Digit MADONISPLS02000008 $15,750.00
Steelux 3gr Digit MADONISPLS03000017 $18,250.00
Pearl White 2gr Digit MADONDGPLS02000019 $17,450.00
Pearl White 3gr Digit MADONISPLS03000024 $19,950.00
Additional colors are available for the same price as the Pearl White
Venus Bar Copper 2gr Semi MXS2R002 $16,250.00
Copper 2gr Vol MXV2R002 $17,750.00
Copper 3gr Semi MXS3R002 $18,250.00
Copper 3gr Vol MXV3R002 $19,500.00
Chrome 2gr Semi MXS2C002 $17,850.00
Chrome 2gr Vol MXV2C002 $19,250.00
Chrome 3gr Semi MXS3C002 $19,950.00
Chrome 3gr Vol MXV3C002 $21,500.00
All Venus Bar units are special order items
Athena Classic Leva Copper 2gr Lever MXL2R002 $9,250.00
Copper 3gr Lever MXL3R002 $11,075.00
Chrome 2gr Lever MXL2C002 $9,995.00
Chrome 3gr Lever MXL3C002 $12,150.00
Theresia Steelux 1gr Volumetric T3 MTHER1300101000002 $8,990.00

Machine Color Groups Version Code List Price $ (US)
Talento Steel 1gr Super-Auto MTALE08CAP $16,650.00
Prontobar Steel 1gr Super-Auto MPROB10CAPAD $9,900.00
Microbar Gray 1gr Super-Auto Pour over MMICRO8CAP21000003 $6,300.00
Gray 1gr Super-Auto Direct Connect MMICRO8CAP21AD0003 $6,600.00
Aurelia II Black 2gr Semi MAUREIISEM02ND0001 $8,900.00
Black 2gr Vol MAUREIIVOL02ND0001 $11,250.00
Black 2gr Digit MAUREIIVDG02ND0001 $14,300.00
Black 2gr Semi T3 MAUMBIISEM02CW0005 $17,350.00
Black 3gr Semi MAUREIISEM03ND0001 $10,350.00
Black 3gr Vol MAUREIIVOL03ND0001 $13,425.00
Black 3gr Digit MAUREIIVDG03ND0001 $16,850.00
Black 3gr Semi T3 MAUMBIISEM03CW0005 $19,350.00
Black 4gr Digit MAUREIIVDG04ND0001 $19,700.00
Appia II Black 1gr Semi MAPPI13SEM01ND0001 $3,900.00
Black 1gr Vol MAPPI13VOL01ND0001 $4,750.00
Black 1gr Vol + Smart Wand MAPPI13VOL01ND0002 $5,400.00
Black 2gr Semi MAPPI13SEM02ND0002 $6,850.00
Black 2gr Vol MAPPI13VOL02ND0001 $7,950.00
Black 3gr Vol MAPPI13VOL03ND0001 $9,850.00
Appia II Compact Black 2gr Semi (220 volt) MAPPC13SEM02ND0001 $6,050.00
Black 2gr Vol (220 volt) MAPPC13VOL02ND0001 $6,700.00
Black 2gr Vol 2gr + Smart Wand (110 volt) MAPPC13VOL02ND0002 $7,350.00
Black 2gr Vol 2gr + Smart Wand (210 volt) MAPPC13VOL02ND0003 $7,350.00
Musica Black 1gr Vol (Pour over) MMUSICAVOL01 $2,990.00
Lux 1gr Vol (Pour over) MMUSICALUX01 $3,350.00
Black 1gr Vol (Direct) MMUSICAVOLAD $3,250.00
Lux 1gr Vol (Direct) MMUSICALUXAD $3,600.00
Oscar Black 1gr Semi (Pour over) MOSCARPSEM01ND0001 $1,650.00
Red 1gr Semi (Pour over) MOSCARPSEM01ND0003 $1,650.00
Black 1gr Semi (Direct) MOSCARPSEM01ND0002 $1,700.00
Grinders Color Version INFO Code List Price $ (US)
MDX Black MDX Basic Doser AMX 602103. $1,125.00
Black MDXA Doser Auto Fill AMXA602103. $1,250.00
Black MDX ON Demand On Demand AMX 602130 $1,475.00
MCD Black MCD65mm Bulk On Demand AMD66021.BLACK. $1,725.00
MCF Black MCF Basic Doser AMF 7021.BLACK. $675.00
MCI Chrome MCI On Demand AMF 706102. $785.00
Black MCI On Demand AMF 702130 $695.00
Grinta Black Grinta On Demand AMM 5021. $485.00
Red Grinta On Demand AMM 500109.RED. $485.00
Chrome Grinta On Demand AMM 5061 $545.00
Eureka Black Eureka MDE Basic Doser AMCE6031.GREY. $925.00
Mythos Black Basic On Demand AMI 712108 $2,750.00
Black Plus (Tamper) OD On Demand AMI 702108 $3,250.00
Black One (Clima Pro) OD On Demand AMI 722108 $3,600.00

Other Products

Water Softening Equipment
Product Code List Price
VH3 Single Head Softener Nuovart005. $150.00
PS195 Softening Cartridge (4350 grains) nuovart006 $300.00
PS124 Softening Cartridge (1100 grains) nuovart014 $150.00
ESO Cartridge for QC71 Head EE9607-20 $175.00
KD8 Softener KD8 0000 $204.00
Other Equipment
Product Code List Price
P1L Panini Grill - Ridged Plates APL10T0180. $1,175.00
P2L Panini Grill - Ridged Plates APL20TR2EO. $1,575.00
Kiara 5  Cup washer ALK5FOP5. $4,400.00
Kiara 6 Dishwasher ALK6FOP5. $5,725.00
Thermoelectric Milk Cooler Nuovart34 $1,050.00
Above Counter
Product Code List Price
Standard Portafilter Complete (single spout) 98005021 $90.00
Standard Portafilter Complete (double spout) 98005022 $90.00
Deluxe Leather Portafilter (single spout) 98005021.PN $360.00
Deluxe Leather Portafilter (double spout) 98005022.PN $360.00
Bottomless / Naked Portafilter Nuovart101 $150.00
32oz Latte Art Picher Nuovart53 $27.75
20oz Latte Art Pitcher Nuovart54 $22.25
2oz shot glass Nuovart56 $6.49
Plastic Tamper 05080035 $6.00
Stainless Steel Tamper Nuovart62 $50.00
Nuova Simonelli Tamper 98011003 $160.00
Cafelat Tamping Mat Nuovart72 $62.00
Cafessi Molded Tamping Mat Nuovart73 $64.00
Nuova Simonelli Espresso Cups & Plates (X6) 27040001 $42.00
Nuova Simonelli Cappuccino Cups & Plates (X6) 27040002 $60.00
Long Twist Spoon (11.25") Nuovart59 $9.00
Easy Steam Thermometer Nuovart55 $17.80
Knockbox W/ Holder (6" X 5.5" X 4") Nuovart58 $120.50
Below Counter
Product Code List Price
Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets (100 0.5g Tablets) 12-ESPTAB-NS100 $20.00
Milk Frother Cleaner (1 Liter Bottle) 120MKNSM-1L $26.00
FloJet Bottle Water Dispensing Pump BW1000A $250.00
Machine Lubricant Nuovart10 $12.00
Group Screw Driver Nuovart11 $15.00
Cleaning Brush 05080012 $11.10
Machine Modifications
Product Code List Price
WBC Competition Steam Tip 75006038.3 $32.40
Latte Art Steam Tip 75006038.1 $32.40
Milk Foamer                           LINK Call for Pricing
POD Kit 98050002.E $54.00
Smart Wand Autosteam Aurelia II Vol. Nuovart010 $500.00
Smart Wand Autosteam Aurelia II Digit. Nuovart011 $500.00
Temp. controlled Gooseneck Autosteam Wand Aurelia II Vol. Nuovart012 $625.00
Temp. controlled Gooseneck Autosteam Wand Aurelia II Digit. Nuovart013 $625.00
Hopper Extension (microbar) 05000706.F $30.00




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